Step 2: Copy Optimizer

Now that you've mapped your new brand story with Path Finder, use Copy Optimizer for A/B testing to make sure you stay 'on track'. Mindspeller's AI offers actionable suggestions to improve your messaging and ensure consistency across all marketing touchpoints.

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Assets positioned. Benchmark your brand with numerous hallmarks that score high on your intended associations.
>10 Mio
Brand associations. Looking to claim a unique keyword as top of mind association for your brand? Have our AI suggest original 'hidden gem' concepts to create your unique brand frame.
Respondents. The Mindspeller implicit brand association network is growing fast. Thousands of humans (not machines!) have helped to build the world's largest implicit association map.

Your Benefits

  • Use Mindspeller suggestions to optimize your messaging.
  • Cross channel ‘on brand’ content checks for consistency and quality control.
  • A/B testing for strategic marketing decision support.
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Step 3 Mind Tracker
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