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Consumer neuroscience

Traditional neuromarketing is expensive and requires medical-grade equipment & expertise to interpret reliably. More recent neuromarketing approaches use Implicit Association Tests (IAT), forcing a choice amongst predefined intended associations (causing bias). Mindspeller does not force you to choose them a priori. We offer scalable neuromarketing without compromising scientific precision.



Consumer Neuroscience (also known as ‘Neuromarketing’) is a relatively young domain within the field of marketing research. Spurred by insights in behavioural psychology, marketing consultants have been looking for theories to decode the inner workings of a consumer’s ‘buying button’, the core Neuromarketing quest.

Why consumer neuroscience?

Increasingly these marketing consultants are turning to neuroscience in an attempt to gather physical evidence of their theories. Such inquiries have led to the championing of various neuromarketing companies claiming to reveal new, neuroscientific insights. Most of these companies work with either physiological or non-invasive brain imaging techniques. Such techniques, many of them rather cost-ineffective and lacking scientific benchmarks for marketing research purposes, are mostly applied within a small focus group.


“Our perceptions are a user interface that evolved to guide our actions.”

Donald Hoffman, PhD

As spin-out from Europe's most innovative university, KU Leuven, Mindspeller has developed a neurometric that has been validated by a peer reviewed, medical grade EEG based Brain-Computer-Interfacing protocol. This neurometric - the Mindspeller Association Score (MAS) represents a proxy to the subconscious association strength between any two semantically related concepts. Read here how Mindspeller's founder, Professor Dr. Ir. Marc Van Hulle obtained international acclaim helping patients with locked-in syndrome communicate via the Mindspeller Brain-Computer-Interface.

Through a user-friendly AI solution we offer marketing executives around the world access to the world's largest implicit brand association database. We offer neurometric inspiration and validation in order to augment and benchmark brand stories and  related campaign assets based on latest consumer neuroscience.

Our SaaS platform provides decision support and actionable insights before rolling out your next marketing campaign. Quickly measure your concept brand assets before, during and after your campaign to get peace of mind through the knowledge that your brand is emotionally connecting with your target audience.