A Deeper Level

Mindspeller helps create brand stories based on human (not machine derived) associations that correlate with electrical activity in the brain.

Optimize your content with neuroscience and start tracking your brand in the world’s largest implicit association network.




Implicit Association Map

Avoid marketing flukes and rebranding fiascos based on traditional research, unable to account for deeply rooted consumer biases.

Our neuro-semantic AI helps you take the most difficult branding decisions with peace of mind.

Implicit Association Map

Benefits of working with Mindspeller


  • Boost your marketing ROI with mindspeller “blue ocean” keywords that resonate with your target audience on a deeper level.
  • Let mindspeller ensure your brand story remains consistent across all your channels & touchpoints. 


  • Improve the quality of your content by understanding what your prospects are reading between the lines.
  • Optimize your brand equity by repositioning your brand closer to the implicit goals of your target audience.


  • Let mindspeller help you walk your talk by sponsoring user experience campaigns that support your brand story.
  • Track your brand personality on the implicit level, driving 95% of consumer behaviour. 

Get ready to navigate our implicit association map!

Start connecting with your target audience on a deeper level!

Step 1: Path Finder

Mind your strategy! Repositioning your brand requires a credible new brand story that resonates. Let Mindspeller help you select…

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Step 2: Copy Optimizer

Step 3: Mind Tracker

Take a free ride in our implicit association map by choosing your favourite brand

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