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Because top of mind brand associations are coded subconsciously by your autopilot.

Understanding how your autopilot codes associations way faster and more directly, helps improve your campaign effectiveness.

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We benchmark subconscious associations with your brand and augment your intuition with inspiration from our neuro-semantic AI.

In a growing market of new marketing research technologies, Mindspeller neurometrics set the standard in scalable consumer neuroscience.


Our AI applications offer inspiration and assurance to enhance (not replace) your creative genie for coding & benchmarking of intended brand associations.


  • Enter a longlist of candidate intended associations for your brand or campaign.
  • Have our neuro-semantic AI generate a shortlist of more original alternatives.
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Association Wheel

  • Explore 1st and 2nd degree subconscious associations with your brand both qualitatively and quantitatively.
  • Benchmark associations with your competitors to discern the existing associations with most promising emotional appeal.
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  • Measure the "psychological distance" in our network towards your brand's intended associations.
  • Benchmark the position of your brand towards your intended associations in the Mindspeller association network.
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  • Get inspiration for step-stone concepts that bring your brand closer to your intended association.
  • Start drafting a campaign storyline leveraging these Pathfinder step-stones.
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Copy Optimizer

  • Score your draft marketing communication texts in this next-generation, AI powered text editor.
  • Use Mindspeller’s inspiration engine to better connect with your target audience.
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Are You Augmenting your Intuition?


Join our growing community of next-generation marketing executives looking for neuro-scientifc validation of creative campaign designs.


Find out how Mindspeller gives you a unique competitive edge to win your next client pitch or ensure maximum campaign impact.


Get inspiration and substantiation for creative marketing communications that require your 'A game'. Start augmenting your intuition to stay on par with competition.

App Developer

Our API allows app developers to integrate a free text based mass customization service. Through our association network we link the end-user’s personal input to your client’s product configuration engine.


Scalable neuromarketing approaches are often based on Implicit Association Tests (IAT), which force a respondent choice amongst a limited set of predefined intended associations, causing bias.

Mindspeller does not force you to choose any product or brand attributes a priori. We offer scalable neuromarketing without compromising scientific precision.

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References & Testimonials

“We left the meeting with a mix of fascination, awe, conviction and appetite to collaborate!”
Philippe Stulens
Marketing Director Randstad Group Belgium
“The brand was very impressed with the Mindspeller research results. We impressed them with a substantiated social media approach ready for immediate implementation.”
Joyce Poelmans
Digital Strategist and Founding Partner
“Let’s take this to the next step please!”
Gio Canini
CEO Wunderman Benelux
“Impressive technology!”
Stijn De Nijs
Director Transaction Advisory Services


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