Get into your customer's mind

We bring assurance to the craft of advertising by connecting your brand with your customer's implicit (subconscious) goals.

Get inspiration to enhance your creative genie for coding & monitoring of intended brand associations.

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Subconscious (System 1) 'Autopilot’ Conscious (System 2) 'Pilot'

Your subconscious is in control

Your prospects decide for 95% based on subconscious associations with your brand. They decide on ‘autopilot’. Ads appealing to their ‘implicit goals’ lead to top-of-mind brands. Use mindspeller’s semantic association network to reveal how well your brand triggers these implicit goals in your customer’s mind.

We make neuromarketing accessible

Traditional neuromarketing is expensive and requires medical-grade equipment & expertise to interpret reliably.

More recent neuromarketing approaches use Implicit Association Tests (IAT), forcing a choice amongst predefined intended associations (causing bias).

Mindspeller does not force you to choose them a priori. We offer scalable neuromarketing without compromising scientific precision.

Pathways to (re-)position your brand

We validated our semantic association network (covering nearly 2 million associations) with medical grade EEG protocols able to measure the association strength between a word pair in less than half a second.

Our network allows us to reveal thematic pathways that help re-position your brand closer to your Intended Associations.


Our neuro-metrics provide decision support

Get inspired when fine-tuning your intended brand associations.

Objectify your briefing and share actionable insights with your agency.

Monitor your campaigns on the subconscious level through our semantic association network.

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Interactive platform for close follow-up

Mindspeller offers explainable A.I. neuro-metrics that help advertisers create, predict and monitor campaign impact on the subconscious level, responsible for 95% of purchase decisions.

By leveraging our EEG validated semantic network of subconscious associations we help advertisers better connect with their consumers.

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