A Deeper Level

In today’s crowded Martech landscape, we believe in neuroscience to help drive brand equity.

When (re)positioning brands, Mindspeller helps find meaningful associations that resonate with your target audience on a deeper level.

Implicit Association Map

We track your brand in a map of subconscious (a.k.a. ‘implicit’) associations. These top of mind associations drive 95% of consumer behavior.

Mindspeller offers inspiration & validation for marketers looking to build a brand identity that truly resonates and converts.

Implicit Association Map

Benefits of working with Mindspeller


  • Benchmark your brand identity on the implicit level
  • Prevent rebranding fiascos using our neuro-semantic AI
  • Leverage human bias to help create a brand frame that resonates


  • Use Mindspeller suggestions to create your brand story
  • Ensure consistency in your messaging across all touchpoints 
  • Optimize your brand equity, creating an original brand frame 


  • Measure campaign ROI on the implicit level 
  • Compare actual versus forecasted rebranding progress 
  • Benchmark your progress with competing brands

Ready to navigate our implicit association map?

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Step 2: Copy Optimizer

Step 3: Mind Tracker

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