A 50-MILLION DOLLAR REBRANDING FIASCO HIGHLIGHTING DIFFERENCES IN SPONTANEOUS ASSOCIATIONS EVOKING THE INTENDED MESSAGE AT THE IMPLICIT LEVEL SEEING WHAT EXPERIENCES ARE ELICITED In 2009, Tropicana went through a rebranding that made marketing history – but not in a good way. Want to know how Mindspeller could have saved the company time, trouble and 50… Continue reading Tropicana

Stella Artois Foodies

Mindspeller was founded in Leuven (Belgium), the beer capital of the world. We chose Stella Artois, our beloved beer brand, for creating a showcase that demonstrates how the Mindspeller AI can help you unlock the power of consumer neuroscience in DIY mode! The Assumption A few years ago, Stella Artois rebranded its premium lager. When… Continue reading Stella Artois Foodies