Avoiding a rebranding fiasco with the power of associations: the Tropicana case

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Twelve years ago, Tropicana went through a 35-million dollar rebranding that made marketing history – but not in a good way.


Just one month after introducing their new packaging to supermarket shelves, the company had already lost 20 million dollars in missed sales. Amidst an unrelenting hail of criticism from angry customers on social media, there was only one thing to do: go back to the traditional orange with the straw.


In hindsight, it is easy to point out that the campaign was doomed to fail from the start. But the truth is that the information available to the company at the time was not compelling enough to override their gut feeling that they were doing the right thing.


Things are different now. In fact, Mindspeller could have saved Tropicana their time, trouble, and 50 million dollars with the power of associative relationships, in just three simple steps. Curious? Click here to read our full use case!

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