Case Study

Lidl store


Lidl is a German global discount supermarket chain with headquarters in Germany. The franchise operates over 10,000 stores across Europe and the United States.

The Challenge

Having competed for years with Aldi, one of the world’s leading discounters, it was no surprise that the Lidl brand was strongly associated with its ‘discount supermarket’ category. Attempting to connect with the target audience on the campaign theme ‘fresh’ (like in “fresh produce, directly from farm to fork”) Mindspeller was asked to provide decision support during the creation and monitoring phase of this strategic rebranding campaign.

The Solution

Mindspeller provided A/B testing of concept advertisements to decide which alternatives best triggered the newly chosen intended association ‘fresh’ on the implicit level (i.e., factoring in existing human biases).

Mindspeller’s Association Wheels and Neuro Positioning applications were used to quickly gain insight in which of the two draft assets were more in line with the brand’s new intended association ‘fresh’.

The Impact

In addition to providing A/B testing decision support, Mindspeller revealed some interesting insights when analysing the evolution of the brand’s implicit associations pre vs post campaign sprints.

Whereas a strategic rebranding campaign remains a long term exercise to re-code brand associations in the minds of the target audience, it became apparent that the more Intended Brand Associations are included in the campaign storyline (causing mixed messaging), the longer it takes to reach the Intended Association ‘destination’ in the Mindspeller map.  Mindspeller’s insightful analysis and monitoring of the brand’s identity is helping the marketing team substantiate its recommendations on the management team level.

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