Case Study

Mega Yacht Design

Imagine for a while that you are a mega yacht designer. You just received a briefing from a billionaire asking you to design a “jaw-dropping beast of a vessel, meshing latest technologies for record breaking speeds, with unprecedented comfort and elegance”. Mindspeller was able to showcase its AI to help substantiate the translational process from briefing to concept designs that resonate with buyers.

The Challenge

Initial brief and design / engineering process

Yacht designers know that people who own a mega yacht, who are themselves successful and busy people, need to articulate what they are really after before pencil is put to paper. The right questions need to be asked and the first mission is to guide the client through a challenging initial brief. The challenge for the client is typically the forced choice regarding how he wishes to balance several pairs of mutually exclusive parameters.

Traditional aides that force this choice in a rather limited fashion as illustrated in the adjacent graph attempt to facilitate this process. They require the client to choose a trade off on the following dimensions/axes:

Cruise vs Race:  How do you intend to use your boat, from racing only to cruising only, or a mix?

Freedom vs Rule: captures whether you wish the boat to be designed specifically to a rule, or you are happy to sail with a boat that is not rule-specific.  In between, you might want to consider a boat that measures reasonably well under several rules, so you can race in a variety of events.

Offshore vs Inshore:   Is the boat intended for blue water sailing or for coastal sailing?  In terms of features, draft, stowage areas, tankage, the requirements are very different.

Classic vs Modern:  Do you want your boat to defer to tradition, or you are ready to go for a fully contemporary design? Or do you want a boat that looks like a classic but works like a modern boat?

The Solution

Mindspeller allows the design team to position opposing mood boards in the world’s largest implicit association network for insights on a deeper level. This approach helps to articulate the client’s desires by browsing the long tail of the mood board Association Wheels.

Now that these opposing mood boards are positioned in the network, Mindspeller’s AI even offers suggestions for design inspiration based on concepts entered as candidate ‘intended associations’.

These thematic suggestions can be benchmarked and fine-tuned with the client.

The Impact

Nailing the design brief and 'mind-tracking' a mega yacht brand image!

Mindspeller’s pathfinder application now offers the designer concrete inspiration to nail the design brief by linking implicit associations with the preferred mood board to the intended associations resonating most with the client. Mindspeller’s neuro-semantic AI will provide actionable inspiration based on overlapping nodes in the network.


This design briefing can now be further optimized with Copy Optimizer A/B testing to ensure the briefing will trigger the intended associations before it gets released to the design and engineering team.


In addition, now that the key ‘intended association’ for the mega yacht design has been agreed upon with the client, should the client wish to launch a campaign to follow the making off and launch of the vessel, Mindspeller’s Mind Tracker can monitor how well the actual creation is ultimately triggering the Intended Associations.

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