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Tempo Team new office front

Tempo Team

Tempo-Team is one of the leading recruitment firms in the Benelux focusing on innovative solutions in Human Resources. In addition to providing consultancy services to clients across the Benelux, Tempo-Team offers in-house services for finding both permanent and temporary employees across a multitude of industries.

The Challenge

Tempo-Team was looking to differentiate its brand frame more from the competition. They asked Mindspeller ho wto improve the in-store experience and trigger the brand’s intended associations.

Old Office:

Tempo Team Old Office 3
Tempo Team Old Office 2
Tempo Team Old Office 1

The Solution

Step 1: Exploring the new brand story


Knowing that most of their competitors were already strongly associated with very functional and industry-related terminology, Tempo-Team started creating an inspiring brand story that would differentiate them from the rest of the industry.

  • The search for a new brand story started with a longlist of brand associations
  • Mindspeller then helped uncover original, differentiating storylines by extracting a shortlist of Intended Associations (IAs) using the Explorer application.
  • Our client retained from this shortlist the associations matching the ‘implicit goals’ of their target audience, the key ones being joy, young, lively, energetic, and enthusiastic

Step 2: Mindspeller Association Wheels

After having short-listed the rebranding ‘destination’, we positioned the brand in our implicit map to investigate the emotional differentiators or POI’s currently surrounding the brand.  Using the Association Wheel visualisation software, we highlighted the existing emotional anchor points to distinguish them from the more product category related ones.

  • The brand’s Association Wheel revealed the implicit biases surrounding the Tempo-Team brand, mainly related to category related themes such as work, job, serious, temporary, etc.
  • We found only limited emotional anchor points or POI’s surrounding the brand prior to the rebranding campaign. 
  • Based on these insights, the client was able to confirm its Intended Associations as ‘destination’ for Mindspeller’s GPS-navigation system designed to further guide them along their rebranding campaign and alignment throughout the customer journey.

Step 3: Neuropositioning benchmark

To double check which of the shortlisted storylines (selected for recoding the brandframe) would fit the budget, the client used our Neuropositioning benchmark tool. The shortlisted Intended Associations (IAs) were plotted in a radar chart comparing the relative distances to the brand’s current position in the map. This was also done for the brand’s direct competitors and IA hallmarks to look for an existing competitive edge to leverage.

The Impact

The brand started their rebranding campaign to code for a new framework, based on the shortlisted Intended Associations revealed by the Mindspeller AI. The suggested story lines were used as briefing to guide the redesign of the brands in-store experience. 

New Office:

New Tempo-Team office from the inside 1
New Tempo-Team office from the inside 2
New Tempo-Team office from the outside 1

„Neuromarketing powered rebranding boosts Tempo-Team’s association strength up to 30%.”

While we will be monitoring the position of the brand towards its Intended Associations in the Mindspeller implicit map on a monthly basis, preliminary analysis indicated the brand has been moving in the right direction following a 30% uplift in intended responded associations.

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