November 2019
Reading the thoughts of consumers with EEG
November 2019
Can Mindspeller's Copy Optimizer save lives?
October 2019
What can Mindspeller teach the Mindflayer? A neuroscience approach at how Breaking Bad and Stranger Things differ
September 2019
How this Leuven-based start-up almost literally reads the thoughts of your customers
August 2019
2019 Belfius Birdhouse Cohort: Mindspeller makes neuromarketing scalable.
July 2019
Netflix vs Telenet: new scientific validation for Mindspeller's scalable and predictive EEG based neurometrics.
June 2019
Belfius The Birdhouse chooses Mindspeller for its 6th Birdhouse Accelerator cohort.
May 2019
Mindspeller will be exhibiting at the Executing Shopper Insights Conference in London from February 6 to 7.
February 2019
Seederfund invests in Mindspeller!
January 2019
In collaboration with the KU Leuven neuroscience lab, Mindspeller helped secure access to a prototype EEG-VR headset to be evaluated for quality control.
January 2019
Business Angel and former Vice-Governor of the National Bank of Belgium, Marcia De Wachter invests in Mindspeller!
December 2018
Randstad sponsors article on Mindspeller in the leading Belgian financial newspaper.
December 2018
Mindpseller optimizes election copies.
September 2018

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