Fundraising update

January, 2019

“Belgium enjoys a strong entrepreneurial tradition and attaches great importance to entrepreneurship. Nevertheless, for start-ups the road to financing often turns out to be long and difficult. As a result, an entrepreneur sometimes spends more time in bringing together financial resources than in the development of his project. In order to remedy this, Seeder Fund has decided to approach Belgian innovative start-ups more proactively with rapid decision-making that provides two types of intervention:

For young, selected start-ups, three meetings are sufficient to finalize a first financing in the form of convertible bonds of up to EUR 100,000. The financing is based on standard agreements intended to finance the start of the company. The Seeder Fund acts both alone and together with other players who wish to participate in the financing of the project.

For projects with a strong dynamic and engaged management, the Seeder Fund can also play a role in a second or third round to finance the growth of the company. This intervention takes place as participation in the capital, which can amount to 1 million euros. The Seeder Fund gives priority to start-ups of which it has financed the start-up. However, this is not an absolute condition.”

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