your intuition with
our human-centric AI


Strategy building & research

Association Wheels

The Association Wheels allow you to explore semantic connections with words, images, multi-media files.

  • See how your brand assets are perceived at the implicit level by analyzing the spontaneous associations they evoke
  • Discover emotional concepts currently associated with your brand assets and unveil your brand DNA
  • Find overlaps between your brand assets and concepts related to your target audience’s goals

Inspiration Explorer

Explorer reveals common denominators among words, images, and multi-media
  • Find a concrete, concise, and compelling way of framing your brand that immediately resonates


reveals themes connecting words, images, or multi-media files.
  • Build a brand vocabulary that evokes the intended message at the implicit level
  • Find themes for brand stories that strongly align with your identity


calculates how well words, images, or multi-media files reflects specific implicit associations.


  • Compare assets and choose the one that scores higher to create more effective campaigns


  • Detect possible mixed messages in your assets


building & optimizing

Content Tuner A/B

analyzes how much your content spontaneously evokes the
intended message and offers suggestions to improve your score
  • Evaluate your copy to ensure consistency across platforms
  • Optimize content to evoke the intended message as much as possible

Brand Tracker

calculates the semantic distance changes between any word, image, or multi-media file and any concept over time.
  • Monitor the position of your brand in the collective subconscious to get a more accurate snapshot of how it is perceived
  • Analyze the impact of your campaigns and correlate semantic scores with marketing KPIs


compares two words, images, or multi-media files and highlights their most differentiating associations.
  • Quickly assess the differences in impact between two elements
  • See how you can differentiate yourself from a particular competitor or product