Why Consumer Neuroscience?

Consumer Neuroscience (also known as ‘Neuromarketing’) is a relatively young domain within the field of marketing research. Spurred by insights in behavioural psychology, marketing consultants have been looking for theories to decode the inner working of a consumer’s ‘buying button’, which can be considered the core Neuromarketing quest.

“Our perceptions are a user interface that evolved to guide our actions and keep us alive long enough to reproduce. Once we grasp this, and free ourselves from the conceptual straitjacket of assuming that we perceive reality as it is, then we can reverse-engineer our interface, understand how it codes information about fitness and guides our actions, and then apply this knowledge to solve practical problems - such as creating chromatures that evoke specific emotions.”
Donald Hoffman, PhD

Increasingly these marketing consultants are turning to neuroscience in an attempt to gather physical evidence of their theories. Such inquiries have led to the championing of various neuromarketing companies claiming to reveal new, neuroscientific insights.

Most of these companies work with either physiological or non-invasive brain imaging techniques. Such techniques, many of them rather cost-ineffective and lacking scientific benchmarks for marketing research purposes, are mostly applied within a small focus group. From a neuroscientific perspective, conclusions taken based on such measurements can be questionable.

How do we approach Consumer Neuroscience?

Mindspeller has developed a neurometric that has been validated by a peer reviewed, medical grade EEG protocol. This neurometric or Mindspeller Association Score (MAS) allows to measure the subconscious association strength between any two concepts in a neurometric.

Having mapped and EEG validated millions of brand associations strengths, Mindspeller manages the world’s largest subconscious brand association database relevant for marketing research.

Through a user-friendly AI solution we offer marketing executives around the world access to this unique database and neurometric validation in order to benchmark their client recommendations based on reliable neuroscience.

Our methodology.

Our semantic network is based on a free association based online survey protocol. A limited number of respondents suffices to position new brands or related campaign assets in the network.

Contrary to “black box” AI approaches that rely on co-occurrence statistics of words in documents, research has shown that free association-based techniques are significantly more accurate at predicting intended brand association recall.

In addition, contrary to implicit association tests, Mindspeller’s free association based protocol avoids a forced choice bias which is typically triggered when using a set of pre-defined brand attributes.

Once a brand (or related campaign stimulus) is positioned in the Mindspeller network, you can use Mindspeller neurometrics to compute the semantic distance towards any intended association (or competitive benchmark) available in the network.

This methodology enables a much more flexible, richer and unbiased exploration and analysis tool for uncovering your target consumer's ‘buying button’.

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