Video Crash Course

An Introduction to

Discover what neuromarketing can do for you. This 10 episode mini video

series distinguishes fact from fiction and offers insights into the different methodologies used, their

pro’s and con’s and potential applications. 

Video series

What we will talk about

Video 1

What is neuromarketing


Video 2

What is the marketeer’s

holy grail?

Video 3

Can neuromarketing improve advertising?

Video 4

Is neuromarketing


Video 5

What techniques are used in neuromarketing?

Video 6

Why is EEG interesting for marketers?

Video 7

What can we learn from EEG?

Video 8

What is the power of associations?

Video 9

How to use associations when comparing brands?

Video 10

What is the role of Brain-Computer-Interface (BCI) in neuromarketing?

Professor Marc Van Hulle

Watch professor Marc Van Hulle’s neuromarketing crash course above or check out his publications here.


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