We Democratize Consumer

Mindspeller has developed a human-centric AI to uncover the

intuitive mind, driving 95% of consumer behavior.


Mindspeller helps connect brands with their audience by

 crowdsourcing and mapping associations that correlate

with split second electrical activity in the brain.

The Science
behind Mindspeler

We’re a spin-off from the KULeuven neuroscience lab, the #1 ranking most innovative European university according to Reuters.com. We modeled the associative top-of-mind based on a proprietary Brain-Computer-Interface.

We use EEG to correlate split second brain activity with crowdsourced association strengths which we map to form the world’s largest spontaneous, human association network.



Our neurometrics help marketers decode their brand DNA and optimize their brand equity based on the instinctive, prejudicial “system 1” consumer mind, driving 95% of brand consideration sets on autopilot.

Inner speech

In addition to our innovative consumer insights research platform, our affiliated MindSpeaker spin-off is restoring natural communication for patients suffering from a speech disorder.

Sample of positioned brands (network simplified for demonstration purposes)


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