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Mindspeller helps brands forge deeper connections with their target audience by mapping and visualising associations that correlate with electrical activity in the brain.

The Science
behind Mindspeller

Spun off from Europe’s most innovative university neuroscience lab, Mindspeller leverages a unique platform grounded in free association semantic network theory, surpassing traditional text scraping methods in capturing nuanced human semantic associations. This approach, validated with a medical grade EEG paradigm, effectively models memory recall, providing deeper insights and precise predictions for exploring human cognitive processes and semantics.

The platform, representing the largest human association-based Implicit Association Testing tool currently available on the market, is designed to enhance your marketing communication intuitions.


Using a semantic association network to test concepts across different cultures involves testing concepts that are culturally neutral and then analyzing responses to identify patterns of association unique to each culture. By comparing how individuals from different cultural backgrounds associate concepts, we can uncover culturally specific cognitive patterns and associations. This can provide insights into cultural differences in perception, cognition, and social constructs.

Discover Mindspeller’s Implicit Associations Testing (IAT) platform – the sweet spot of precision, dependability, and cost-effectiveness. Our IAT stands out as a non-invasive, reliable, and scalable neuromarketing research tool that reveals the core of customer perception through associative strength.

Experience the precision of top-notch EEG technology without the hefty price tag usually associated with traditional neuromarketing research.


Our neurometrics assist marketers in unraveling the essence of their brand and enhancing their brand value by tapping into the intuitive, bias-driven “system 1” mindset of consumers, which automatically influences 95% of brand choices.

Inner speech

Besides our groundbreaking consumer insights research platform, our MedTech spin-off, MindSpeaker, is restoring natural communication for paralyzed patients suffering from a speech disorder.


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