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Mindspeller Respondent Panel terms & conditions to be accepted by the respondent before storing his/her

  1. By participating in our survey you agree to the terms below.
  2. Upon entering our survey website, a cookie is saved on your computer. This cookie is used to
    track the surveying session. Once you are finished with the survey, the cookie is no longer
    used. For more technical explanation on cookies, please refer to
    (as was on 14th August 2019, 22:46).
  3. We do not collect any information about you other than the ones that were explicitly asked for
    during the survey (which include survey subject matter questions and basic demographic questions
    – age and gender) except for:

    • Your IP address from which you have connected to our services, as is the standard in
      all internet servers.
    • The timestamps of the moments where you have submitted your answers.
    • External panelist IDs if passed in the survey link you have received from our third
      party panel
      service provider – these are however used only to identify the fact that you have filled
      survey to our third party panel service provider (we never ask nor receive personal data
      about our
      respondents from our panel vendors) and to inform them of abuse if we detect any.

  4. After you submit your information it is saved under a respondent ID number that is assigned to
    our respondents in a sequential manner, and thus carry no personally identifying information.
    This ID number is only used to group together answers from one survey, therefore if you ever
    come back to our survey website to fill out another survey, your answers to that survey will be
    grouped together and saved under a completely different respondent ID, without any possibility
    of linking them together.
  5. Thus, as (a) we cannot personally identify you and (b) we do not collect your personal data, we
    do not offer the possibility of accessing, reviewing, updating nor deletion of your personal
  6. In compliance with GDPR, since we do not store personal data, no Data Protection Officer is
    appointed. However, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.