Boil Agency leverages Mindspeller’s neuro AI


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Guaranteeing authentic stories that go to the heart of a brand


Antwerp, Belgium — 15 December 2021– Seasoned brand strategists Philippe De Puydt and Jordy Van de Locht embrace the state-of-the-art in consumer neuroscience AI technology to launch their new brand agency, Boil Agency.


Designed to “boil down” brand stories that allow to “flavor every layer of the brand”, Philippe and Jordy offer their clients a data driven approach that guarantees emotional connections with the target audience on a deeper level. Boil Agency’s strategies are based on next generation neuromarketing technology that originated in the KU Leuven neuroscience lab.


“In matters of taste, the customer is always right”, reminds Mindspeller CEO, Hannes De Wachter. “Mindspeller’s AI prevents campaign failure that results from unfounded creativity disconnecting the customer from the brand. Our mission is to democratize neuroscience by backing agencies like Boil with customer-centric research that’s scientifically up to date, cost-effective and actionable enough to adopt within clients’ ever challenging campaign deadlines.


Boil Aagency is working with big labels, like Sony Music, as well as with smaller challenger brands, who are notorious for their hyper creativity in a place like Antwerp where the agency’s head office is based. “We like to work with marketers that appreciate the value of deep dives into the soul or ‘DNA’ of the brand”, says Philippe De Puydt, Co-Founder of Boil Agency. “Our careful vetting process of both business model and founder makes us an ideal partner for brands that are open to data driven change. “I believe agencies should embrace the wisdom of the crowd that can now be harnessed through AI to reduce the variability in professional human judgment.” We are excited to be working with Mindspeller and are impressed with how their technology helps us substantiate our creative client pitches.”


Launched in 2015 Mindspeller is on a mission to help marketers expedite brand equity. Since its inception, Mindspeller has developed the world’s largest brand association mind map correlating with split second electrical activity in the brain. The interactive Mindspeller map allows marketers to deep dive the customers’ top of mind, driving 95% of purchase decision making. With over $1 million in early adopter pilots in Europe, Mindspeller is expanding overseas to help brands discover hidden gem emotions that ensure connections with the audience on a deeper level.


About Boil Agency




Boil Agency is a brand growth agency that helps companies drive more business using a storytelling approach. Boil Agency was founded by Philippe De Puydt and Jordy Van der Locht and works for brands like Sony Belgium, Campina and several start-ups and scale-ups in Europe.To learn more visit boil.agency


About Mindspeller


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Mindspeller is a human-centric AI marketing research platform, spun off from the computational neuroscience lab at KU Leuven, the #1 European university according to Reuters.com’s innovation rankings. Mindspeller was designed to provide marketers with the tools needed to optimize brand equity by connecting with the target audience on a deeper level. Since its inception in 2015, Mindspeller has developed the world’s largest implicit brand association network, correlating with split-second electrical activity in the brain. Mindspeller is on a mission to decode the collective subconscious, driving 95% of decision making.
To learn more visit mindspeller.com

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