The Perfect Brainwash

More Playtime, Less Anxiety with AdEd Tech

Hannes De Wachter

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A wake-up call against the subtle manipulations of the human mind

A real eye-opener about how the advertising market works

A must-read for all marketing and advertising people

About The Perfect Brainwash

More Playtime, Less Anxiety with AdEdtech

Face the influence of advertising head-on. Learn the techniques used by advertisers to get in their customer’s mind. Help level the playing field for the underdog brands that are turning the tide on child mental disease. 

The commercials, social media ads, and billboards your kids are seeing everyday are slowly turning the gears in their head. 

AdTech isn’t just about promoting cool products and services. It’s more about shaping young minds and creating brand prejudice that “nudges” us  to buy on autopilot. That’s why you’re not crazy to think that your children should be sufficiently shielded. 

With companies increasingly concerned with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) compliance, this is your chance to learn how the game is played and how you can help improve advertising for your children’s sake.

This is where the healing happens and the ‘perfect’ brainwash begins! 

In this inspirational guide, you will discover:

  • The latest trends in advertising – discover the subtle side-effects and learn exactly how advertising is skyrocketing child mental disease

  • How advertisers are deep diving into the subconscious – unearth latest philosophies of mind and how advertising impacts your child’s psychology 

  • The techniques advertisers use to “nudge” you in their favor – from harmless marketing visuals to playing with your emotion and intellect

  • The side-effects of Freemium and how this business model is turning our children’s attention into commodities

  • All about neuromarketing – demystify fact from fiction and learn how the rise of machine learning AI in AdTech is reaching a tipping point 

  • What you can do today to ‘beat’ advertising at its own game –  support the use of neuromarketing AdTech in combination with EdTech to expedite basic education 

  • How to transform the advertising space into one that is sufficiently shielded from our natural environments and truly benefits our children by promoting human centric values, such as creativity, diversity and spirituality

And much more.

Ads may seem fun and harmless… until they start to affect your family. 

Get yourself up to speed and help stir up the debate with surprisingly simple solutions from the inside out. 

Get ready for the perfect brainwash!