Always On Time?

Association Wheels Competitive Profiler Brand Tracker According to a July 2021 post by, e-commerce is well on track to surpass 20% of total retail by 2024. That’s good news for the package delivery industry dominated by companies such as FedEx and UPS who can use their established worldwide logistics network to their maximum advantage.… Continue reading Always On Time?


A 50-MILLION DOLLAR REBRANDING FIASCO HIGHLIGHTING DIFFERENCES IN SPONTANEOUS ASSOCIATIONS EVOKING THE INTENDED MESSAGE AT THE IMPLICIT LEVEL SEEING WHAT EXPERIENCES ARE ELICITED In 2009, Tropicana went through a rebranding that made marketing history – but not in a good way. Want to know how Mindspeller could have saved the company time, trouble and 50… Continue reading Tropicana


Association Wheel Content Tuner Brand Tracker Lidl is a German global discount supermarket chain with headquarters in Germany. The franchise operates over 10,000 stores across Europe and the United States. The Challenge Having competed for years with Aldi, one of the world’s leading discounters, it was no surprise that the Lidl brand was strongly associated… Continue reading Lidl

Stella Artois Foodies

Mindspeller was founded in Leuven (Belgium), the beer capital of the world. We chose Stella Artois, our beloved beer brand, for creating a showcase that demonstrates how the Mindspeller AI can help you unlock the power of consumer neuroscience in DIY mode! The Assumption A few years ago, Stella Artois rebranded its premium lager. When… Continue reading Stella Artois Foodies

Mega Yacht Design

Association Wheel Competitive Profiler Connection Checker Imagine for a while that you are a mega yacht designer. You just received a briefing from a billionaire asking you to design a “jaw-dropping beast of a vessel, meshing latest technologies for record breaking speeds, with unprecedented comfort and elegance”.   Mindspeller was able to showcase its neuro… Continue reading Mega Yacht Design

Antwerp City

Association Wheels Inspiration Explorer Connection Checker Antwerp is a city in Belgium and the capital of Antwerp province in the Flemish Region. it is the most populous city proper in Belgium, and with a metropolitan population of around 1,200,000 people, it is the second largest metropolitan region after Brussels. The Port of Antwerp is one of the biggest in the world, ranking second in Europe and within the… Continue reading Antwerp City

Hello Bank

Association Wheels Competitive Profiler Story Creator While affiliated with BNP Paribas Fortis, one of the leading European financial institutions, Hello Bank managed its proprietary brand identity independently. For their mobile brand, the bank sought a way to reinforce its connection with the core demographic while setting itself apart from the competition. They began a rebranding exercise with… Continue reading Hello Bank

Tempo Team

0 % increase in brand equity Association Wheel Inspiration Explorer Story Creator Tempo-Team is one of the leading  recruitment firms in the Benelux focusing on innovative solutions in Human Resources. In addition to providing consultancy services to clients across the Benelux, Tempo-Team offers in-house services for finding both permanent and temporary employees across a multitude… Continue reading Tempo Team