Video Crash Course

Mindspeller Introduction to

Identify the domains where AI can be effectively applied and where your expertise as a human marketer is indispensable.


This 10 episode mini video series distinguishes fact from fiction and offers insights into Mindspeller’s human-centric AI.

Video series

What we will talk about

Video 1

How to explain AI to my grandmother?

Video 2

Should we fear AI?

Video 3

What is the state of the art of AI today?

Video 4

How can we humans maintain a competitive advantage over AI?

Video 5

What is “human-centered AI” and does it provide business opportunities?

Video 6

What are the benefits of human-centered AI?

Video 7

Is AI relevant for me as a marketer?

Video 8

How is AI going to help me as a marketer?

Video 9

How is Mindspeller different from marketing AI? (part 1)

Video 10

How is Mindspeller different from Marketing AI? (part 2)

Professor Marc Van Hulle

Watch professor Marc Van Hulle’s neuromarketing crash course above or check out his publications here.


Find out how you can apply Mindspeller's AI