Develop your Brand

Turn brand concepts into assets

Ensure precise knowledge of the associations your content evokes. Prevent costly reputation damage by steering clear of gut-feeling experimentation.

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Is your brand truly resonating? Let Mindspeller’s Inspiration Explorer and Story Creator guide you in crafting a brand narrative that (re)positions your brand in the minds of your customers.

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Frame your Brand

Discover an original metaphor to frame and (re-)position your brand with Mindspeller’s Inspiration Explorer. Define your shared customer values to generate unique frames of reference as potential (re-)positioning targets.

Inspiration Explorer evaluates both original and popular concepts that align closely with your intended associations.

Develop your Brand Story

Mindspeller’s Story Creator sparks brand narratives aligned with your (re-)positioning goals. Connect the thematic dots and delve into narratives that reinforce your desired brand image.

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Are you sure your campaigns are contributing to your brand equity? Mindspeller’s Content Tuner and Brand Tracker will help you guarantee your campaigns are optimized and consistent.

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