Develop your Brand

Build Smarter Creative Assets

Make sure you know exactly which associations your content will be evoking. Avoid costly reputation damage based on gut feeling experimentation.

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Are you sure your brand is evoking your shared customer passions? Mindspeller’s Inspiration Explorer and Story Creator will help you develop a brand story that (re-)positions your brand in the customer mind.

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Frame your Brand

Mindspeller’s Inspiration Explorer enables you to find an original metaphor to frame and (re-)position your brand based on your intended associations. Simply identify your shared customer values to shortlist some unique frames of reference as candidate (re-)positioning targets.

Inspiration Explorer ranks both original and popular concepts that strongly overlap with your intended associations.

Develop your Brand Story

Mindspeller’s Story Creator inspires brand stories based on your (re-)positioning targets. Connect the conceptual dots and explore narratives that support your intended brand image.

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Are you sure your campaigns are contributing to your brand equity? Mindspeller’s Content Tuner and Brand Tracker will help you guarantee your campaigns are optimized and consistent.


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