Track your Brand Equity

Brand equity is driven by implicit associations. Monitor your campaign’s incremental contributions to your brand equity.

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Much like driving your car to your destination using a GPS, Mindspeller tracks your proximity to your strategic destination in the customer mind. With Brand Tracking, you can monitor the impact of your campaigns on your brand equity with unprecedented precision. 

Read Between the Lines

Mindspeller’s Content Tuner conducts real-time A/B analyses to measure how effectively your content evokes your desired associations. Activate the Mindspeller inspiration engine to fine-tune your content and ensure your implied message resonates precisely.

Pretest both your on and offline campaign drafts to ensure omni channel consistency. Keep your brand on track.

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Brand Equity Monitoring

Eliminate uncertainty in building brand equity and gain precise insights into how your decisions contribute to value creation. Use the Brand Tracker to monitor the strength of intended associations over time.

The smart way to
drive your brand equity

With Mindspeller you decode, develop and drive your brand. Mindspeller reveals the implicit associations people have with your brand and allow you to explore mental connections to thousands of pre-mapped, competitive marketing creatives.

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