Key neuromarketing myths

Watch the Q&A video series with Mindspeller's founder, professor Marc Van Hulle and start to grow your neuromarketing knowledge.

Episode 1 What is neuromarketing about?
Episode 2 What is the marketeer’s holy grail?
Episode 3 Can neuromarketing improve advertising?
Episode 4 Is neuromarketing trustworthy?
Episode 5 What techniques are used in neuromarketing?
Episode 6 Why is EEG interesting for marketers?
Episode 7 What can we learn from EEG?
Episode 8 What is the power of associations?
Episode 9 How to use associations when comparing brands?
Episode 10 What is the role of Brain-Computer-Interface (BCI) in neuromarketing?

Q&A video series with professor Marc Van Hulle

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