Brand Owners

Discover your Brand's Best Position for Growth

Mindspeller’s Neuro AI allows you to get your brand exactly where it needs to be.

Build a Strategy based
on Neurometrics instead of Gut Feelings.

Traditional brand strategy ideation processes often result in feel good pitches deep-rooted in individual guru biases.

Mindspeller is an AI-based solution offering a proven, EEG validated methodology

that informs you how your brand is actually perceived and how best to improve its position.

Brand Positioning. Reimagined.

Mindspeller is the proven solution that visionary agencies use to create winning brands their clients love.
Discover what your brand creatives are really evoking in the customer mind. Find hidden gem associations.
tdsad Make sure you know exactly which associations your content will be evoking. Avoid reputation damage based on gut feeling experimentation.
Find the hidden gem associations that make the difference.


Tune your Content with
AI-powered Insights

Mindspeller is a tool that helps you discover hidden gem associations within your brand’s story.

Content Tuner uses the most predictive algorithm available on the market to analyze

 how well people are responding to your content and what they are reading between the lines. 

Mindspeller’s Neuro AI™ provides inspiration to ensure your content resonates on a deeper level.


How does it work?


Step 1

Upload your creatives and locate the perception of your brand in the mind of customers.

Step 2

Explore shared customer passions and get inspired to develop a brand story that resonates on a deeper level.

Step 3

Our brand monitor follows your journey and benchmarks associations with competitors.


Antwerp City

Mindspeller has developed a human-centric AI to uncover the spontaneous associations that make up your brand DNA.

Brands adopting
Mindspeller's Neuro AI™

Discover how brands are applying Mindspeller’s research platform.

Mindcoins Business Model

Analyse your creative concepts / assets* using mindcoins. Invest your mindcoins to survey, position and test them in Mindspeller’s semantic association network.  

New creative concept/asset


$ (Pay as you go)

copy (eg. keyword / slogan)

100 mindcoins


image (eg. logo / website)

200 mindcoins


multimedia (eg. clip / jingle)

300 mindcoins


Mindspeller Library concepts / assets available for testing at 10x less Mindcoins! 

* digital marketing communication stimulus