Decode your Brand

Uncover your Brand DNA

Uncover the true impact of your brand creatives on the customer psyche. Identify hidden gem associations waiting to be discovered.

Step 1.

Decode your Brand

Mindspeller taps into spontaneous associations with your campaign creatives through crowdsourcing. These top-of-mind human associations enable you to position your brand within the world’s largest, EEG-validated semantic network. Think of it as pinpointing your brand on a GPS navigation map: explore Points of Interest, discover unique destinations, and ensure your brand stays on course.

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Leverage the power of your brand DNA.

Mindspeller Association Wheels decode and leverage complex brand associations, revealing true perceptions at the implicit level.

Find your competitive advantage

Mindspeller’s Competitive Profiler faces off two competitive brand assets and ranks their most differentiating associations.

Quickly assess subtle differences in perception and analyze which concepts can help differentiate your brand. 

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Your Brand Destination

Use Mindspeller’s Connection Checker to determine the ideal brand values to associate with your brand. Evaluate your branded concepts against your core values. Need help forming a shortlist? Explore the Competitive Profiler to uncover your unique selling points and differentiators.

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Are you sure your brand is evoking your shared customer passions? Mindspeller’s Inspiration Explorer and Story Creator will help you develop a brand story that (re-)positions your brand in the customer mind.

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