How spontaneous associations can help validate creative decisions

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Your intuition can tell you that certain concepts are more related to each other than others – but what if you could quantify those meaningful relationships to validate creative decisions?   This is not some futuristic notion. Thanks to our vast network of spontaneous associations, Mindspeller can help you evaluate how well specific words, images, and multimedia files evoke a specific idea. This allows you to create content that immediately resonates with your audience and is consistent with your intended message. The result? Greater engagement. And you can count on Mindspeller to make this easy for you without compromising scientific precision.   Our semantic network is validated by a medical-grade EEG-based protocol. Respondents give us the first three words that pop into their minds when presented with (audio)visual stimuli. Our AI calculates the semantic distance (the Mindspeller Association Score, or MAS) between elements in the network – even if they don’t share any direct connections. The MAS has been shown to correlate with the N400, a typical electrical response in the brain to meaningful stimuli.   Want to find out more about how you can start shaping implicit perceptions of your brand today? Book a demo or watch our series on neuromarketing with Prof. Marc Van Hulle at the bottom of this page.

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