Fruitful collaboration between city of Antwerp and high-tech partner Mindspeller extended


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Mindspeller works with the city of Antwerp to find out how the city’s marketing communication creatives (print, video, audio…) are perceived. The Mindspeller research apps reveal to what extent creative designs convey the intended message. In addition, Mindspeller’s “neuro AI” offers inspiration so that campaigns can be even better aligned with the strategic objectives.

Commissioner for marketing and communication, Erica Caluwaerts, comments: “Representing our beloved city, we find it extremely important to conduct a data and research driven communication policy. Mindspeller is a very easy and user-friendly tool to verify what kind of associative links people make and how a certain image is perceived in people’s minds. The tools allow us to pretest our marketing communication quickly and cost-effectively.”

Through Mindspeller’s real time decision support, the human-centric AI pretesting platform works like a GPS that helps marketers navigate the consumer’s top-of-mind to drive the brand closer to the strategic goal.

Mindspeller CEO, Hannes De Wachter, exemplifies: “Using Mindspeller to test the city’s 2021 “Allemaal Antwerpenaar” ( “All in for Antwerp”) campaign, it became clear that one of the taglines produced conflicting associations with the campaign’s key visuals. This insight allowed the city’s marcom team to better align key content for the 2022 campaign year. Imagery and copy have since been more strategically aligned to successfully reinforce the intended message”.

Over the next four years, Mindspeller will work with the Marketing and Communication department of the city of Antwerp to investigate whether local differences in terms of semantics can be mapped.

Mindspeller is a technology startup that maps brand associations to monitor and fine-tune brand reputation. As a spin-off of the KU Leuven department of neuroscience, the Mindspeller neurometrics were extensively validated using EEG. This gives Mindspeller clients insight into the top-of-mind brand associations that drive unconscious consumer behavior.

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