Set the right strategic goals & get creative inspiration during brainstorming for new campaigns.
Substantiate your briefings with neuro-metrics & benchmark your agency’s creative drafts.
Measure the ROI of your campaign on the subconscious level, responsible for 95% of purchase decisions.
Use the Mindspeller artificial neural network to help select more original Intended Associations (IA’s) that link with your target audience’s implicit goals.
Position your brand assets in the Mindspeller network to benchmark the semantic distance to your brand’s Intended Associations.
Explore potential campaign themes that can be used to move your brand closer to your Intended Associations.
Copy Optimizer: optimize your copy based on your brand’s intended associations.
Compare Mindspeller Association Scores (MAS) between two draft ads (image, video, audio, fragrance,..) to find out which version is semantically closer to the Intended Associations for your campaign.
A/B Testing
Increase your level of assurance with real EEG brain-recordings.
EEG Study
Measure the impact of your campaign by monitoring your brand assets ‘neuro-position’ in our neural network.
Adjust the valuation of your brand portfolio on your company’s balance sheet based on Mindspeller neuro-metrics and predictive analytics.

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