What does it take to build a strong brand?

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A brand isn’t just a clever slogan or a beautiful logo – it’s all the things that we associate with it in our minds. But establishing memorable and meaningful associations with your brand is a long-term process. You need to send the right implicit signals in a consistent manner to create a narrative that immediately resonates with your audience. Over time, your brand can become the automatic choice for consumers in specific contexts.

A strong brand transcends functionality – it also has the power to evoke positive emotions and experiences. GoPro isn’t just associated with ‘camera’ in our minds; it reminds us of ‘adventure’ too.

In the example below, Mindspeller’s Competitive Profiler is comparing brand perceptions of Visa and Mastercard and highlighting the ones that are more associated with each of them respectively. We can see that Visa is more associated with ‘functional’ terms (ATM, transaction, credit…), whereas Mastercard is more associated with emotional or experiential terms (iconic, traditional, fancy…).


Mindspeller helps you find out how your brand compares to its competitors. It also offers you a shortcut to shape brand perception, thanks to neuroscience. Curious? Book a demo!

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