Moving beyond functionality to stand out

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Say your daughter’s birthday is coming up. She’s a budding photographer, and you’re thinking of surprising her with a new camera. You don’t know much about photography; you just think she’d appreciate something practical but versatile to take on her next trip.


Now say Canon and Sony manufacture cameras that are nearly identical. Which one do you pick? The answer is that you choose the brand that goes beyond describing the functionality of the product it is selling. You rely on the emotions and experiences that the brand evokes for you – even if you are not aware of it. You prefer the brand that ‘walks the talk’.


At Mindspeller, we help our clients translate functionality into experiences that resonate with their audience at a deeper level. By exploring meaningful connections in our network of spontaneous associations, they can shape perceptions of their brand to claim the associations that will make them category champions: happy, safe, stylish… You name it.


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