Mindspeller awarded 1.1 Mio EUR VLAIO research grant

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Funding will enable accelerated development of a proprietary Brain-Computer-Interface (BCI) to articulate brain activity

LEUVEN, Belgium, September 24, 2020 — Mindspeller BV, a scale-up starting from technology developed at KU Leuven with first applications in the field of consumer neuroscience, today announced that it has been rewarded a €1.1 million research grant from Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship (VLAIO). The grant will run over three years and will support the accelerated development of a non-invasive Brain-Computer-Interface able to articulate brain activity through synthetic speech.

Following the advent of advanced Artificial Intelligence techniques, there has been tremendous progress in decoding brain signals and using language paradigms to relate them to semantic association networks, like the one Mindspeller has been developing over the past years.

Hannes De Wachter, CEO of Mindspeller, commented, “We are pleased that VLAIO recognizes our breakthrough R&D to discover and further develop non-invasive BCIs that have the potential to tap into the fascinating market of Augmentative and Alternative Communication.”

About Mindspeller

Mindspeller is a rapidly growing and transformative consumer neuroscience company developing the world’s largest implicit association network to help drive brand equity. Based on its groundbreaking technology platform, Mindspeller has developed a broad range of AI software applications that address a growing need in the marketing research community to tap into the ‘System 1’ subconscious or ‘autopilot’ mind, which is driving human behavior. Based on multi-disciplinary research, combining insights from the fields of computational neurolinguistics, psychology, neurophysiology and machine learning, Mindspeller has demonstrated that state-of-the-art consumer neuroscience can be made accessible to marketers world-wide, without the need to use medical equipment. The Company is on track to set the standard in scalable consumer neuroscience. The Company is headquartered in Leuven, Belgium, preparing for expansion towards English speaking geographies. More information can be found on www.mindspeller.com.

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