What’s your brand’s Matterhorn?

Swiss rules mean chocolate bar to drop Matterhorn from packaging (source: BBC).

(Re)Branding P’s and C’s: How to use AI to Create a Brand Story that Resonates

shared customer passion

DISCLOSURE NOTICE: this article features AI generated content I. Introduction A. Definition of a Brand Story Humans have been telling stories since the dawn of time. It appears that we are genetically endowed with a need to share our passions, experiences and fascinations through storytelling. A brand story is a narrative that explains the passions,… Continue reading (Re)Branding P’s and C’s: How to use AI to Create a Brand Story that Resonates

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“Aesthetic Tension”: How to Elicit Emotional Goosebumps?

Already back in 1977 James A Russell and Albert Mehrabian provided evidence that three independent and bipolar dimensions, pleasure-displeasure, degree of arousal, and dominance-submissiveness, are both necessary and sufficient to adequately define a person’s emotional state. Their research built further on Charles Osgood’s 1957 academic breakthrough relating to the semantic differential scales that help quantify… Continue reading “Aesthetic Tension”: How to Elicit Emotional Goosebumps?

Brand DNA or Brand Association Wheel?

Do you know your brand DNA? This familiar concept, happily adopted by the global marketing community, remains rather unfathomable to most brand managers. Some might argue it’s considered an essential baseline for any good marketing strategy. But what does it actually mean to refer to a brand’s DNA? Is it really as unique and discernible… Continue reading Brand DNA or Brand Association Wheel?

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What really influences decision-making? Comparing FedEx vs UPS

According to a July 2021 post by e-marketer.com, e-commerce is well on track to surpass 20% of total retail by 2024. That’s good news for the package delivery industry dominated by companies such as FedEx and UPS who can use their established worldwide logistics network to their maximum advantage. But imagine you’re presented with the… Continue reading What really influences decision-making? Comparing FedEx vs UPS

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Implicit brand signals

Humans are rational animals, but that doesn’t mean that all our decisions (including deciding what to buy) are logical. We are influenced by all sorts of signals that we may or may not be aware of. They also evoke certain associations in our mind, which we can’t control. Accounting for implicit associations gives you a… Continue reading Implicit brand signals


It officially started on January 1, 2020. KU Leuven Institutes bring together researchers from various disciplines in an interdisciplinary research network with societal relevance. According to Rector Luc Sels:  “For the University, the Leuven Institutes are a way to highlight certain focal points in research – a strategic instrument, in other words.” (Read Interview with Rector Luc… Continue reading Leuven.AI

THE CROWN exemplifies how your choice of words matters. 

We know that our choice of words can have a tangible impact in the world. The fourth season of Netflix’s critically-acclaimed The Crown shows us that it can even tip the balance between trade war and peace.   In Episode 8, 48:1, we see Queen Elizabeth and her entourage rejoice at succeeding to convince the… Continue reading THE CROWN exemplifies how your choice of words matters. 

Words Matter

In October 2020, Mindspeller reached out to a regional suicide prevention hotline to explore how Mindspeller’s neuro-semantic AI might be able to help save lives. Indeed, in one of our previous blogposts, we already referred to an article by the BBC explaining how the use of words can mean the difference between life or death… Continue reading Words Matter

What’s a Brain Computer Interface (BCI or BMI) and what will be its impact on our society?

MM New Trends & Technology interviews Mindspeller CEO, Hannes De Wachter, about the evolutions in Brain-Computer-Interfaces. Check out the 15 minute podcast (in Dutch) by selecting your preferred podcast player platform:   Spotify Apple Google     #BrandStrategy #ConsumerNeuroscience #BCI #BrainComputerInterfacing